Discovering the Gulf Coast of Florida

I grew up with a father who had visited Clearwater Beach as a young boy and never forgot it. He took us there  when we were kids, driving all the way from “the frozen north”–Braintree, MA to be more specific –to the tropical sands of the Gulf Coast of Florida.

My brothers and I were immediately enthralled and shocked to find warm tropical temperatures EVEN in the WINTER!! We camped at Fort DeSoto, went to Disney World for the Bicentennial (1976), and spent  a couple more dreamy vacations on the tropical beaches of Pinellas County. They say there are 35 miles of beaches and dunes in Pinellas County and we yearned to someday live by one.

We never thought this was going to happen, until one day, after a heart wrenching divorce, my father packed up his worldly belongings and my youngest brother and sought out to make that dream come true.






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